Over the last five years the award winning Lost Society has catered for intimate wedding parties all the way through to large corporate parties both in house and off site. We currently own three unique venues in which we showcase what we do and this has lead to significant recognition throughout the food and drink industry for our quality of product and
high standard of service.

The Lost Events arm to our business came to life after we were guests at a number of weddings one summer. We felt that the bar side of things at these events had been overlooked. Our friends were paying a fortune for the venue, the food, and the flowers, yet the bar offerings where extremely basic. Its not good enough we cried.

Whether it be a cocktail party at home where you require just a bartender, or bartender a waiter and a clean up crew through to a wedding or company party where you would like to have a fully stocked cocktail bar, canapés and full drinks table service we are able to offer something for everyone. Require a drinks reception at work, a DJ, a live act, performers?

We cater events to the needs of the client. We can offer bespoke cocktail menus; and tailor beer and wine selections around your needs. Yet another thing for your guests to comment on when praising the big day. So, whatever your requirements, get in touch and we can discuss options.


  Have a look at our venues to get and idea of the kind of thing we like to do  

  To speak with someone for more details, please call James on 0207 652 6526

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